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So, I'm doing most of my blogging over at http://lab.dragonbard.com/ now. Go there if you are interested.

Do you like to read?

Calling all readers. I am downsizing my library. I already donated about 10 boxes of computer and reference books to the Library, but there are some things they won't take. I have almost 2 decades of Analog SF magazine. Most of the 70's, all of the 90's, and a good chunk of the early 00's. Anyone want them? The Library won't take them, so you take them all.

I also have about three boxes of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books that are going away. You can get first dibs. Anyone want some Star Wars, Star Trek, etc? Also have some books by Charles de Lint (one of which is "Yarrow", you know who you are, and you know why you should come get this book), Stephen Lawhead, Anne McCaffrey (no, I am keeping all of the Dragonriders of Pern), W. Michael Gear, Mercedes Lackey, Joel Rosenberg, Tad Williams, and the excellent Chung Kuo series by David Wingrove. Also several volums of Years best Fantasy and Sci-Fi, as well as two volums of Hugo Winners.

If there is a specific author or book you wan't to know more about, let me know, and I'll let you know what I have available. Your only cost is you have to come and get them. They will be available for pick up either in Tumwater at my work, or in Puyallup at my house.


Well, Netflix has seen the light.

We Are Keeping Netflix Profiles

Dear Chris,

You spoke, and we listened. We are keeping Profiles. Thank you for all the calls and emails telling us how important Profiles are.

We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused. We hope the next time you hear from us we will delight, and not disappoint, you.

-Your friends at Netflix

Netflix stupidity

I'm upset. Netflix is removing profiles from their service. This is a feature I love. It lets me keep my list of sci-fi and action movies seperate from my wife's list of near any kind of movie, and both of us can get the next movie on our respective queues, without having to constantly shuffle the main queue. It is all nice and automatic. But Netflix is taking it away. See http://www.netflix.com/Help?p_faqid=3962 for more info from Netflix.

I encourage everyone who uses Netflix to write in and tell them this is a stupid boneheaded move and they need to preserve profiles.

Goodbye Firefox

Dear Firefox,

I'm sorry, but I must leave you. I've met another browser, and its capabilities are superior to your own. It's mail client leaves Thunderbird in the dust, and finally lets me see the emails from my wife the way she intends them. The browser is fast, elegant, and keeps the hell out of my way.

I'm leaving you for Opera 9.5.


The Tile is Done - week 37 of 6

Finally, the tile in the master bath is done. Now I just have to put in the trim and the beadboard. Then maybe the tub, cabinets and sinks, and the toilet. Hmm, might want to paint too.

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4th Edition

4th Edition is out today. Should I buy it? But who would I play with? Maybe it's time to start gaming again.


Beach Blogging

You know, it's fun being able to blog from the beach. Just wish I could add pictures, but I haven't found a mobile blogging client that will let me post them yet (the LiveJournal one will, but you need a paid account).

So far the Centro is holding up to the sand very well. I really like it's capabilities. It's a great smart phone.

widgetsworld loves the beach, especially digging in the sand. sprocketsspace isn't too sure, but thinks sand might be food.


Parametric EQ

So we are at SEAPAC and I attended a seminar by Bob Heil about sound and ham radio. He demonstrayed a parametric eq and it was amazing how well he was able to tune the audio.

Very cool stuff you learn when you are a ham.

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Testing another client

Testing the Livejournal Palm client now. It's big advantage is that it is free. Disadvantages are more limited prefs, can't pick a post image, and it doesn't provide html or lj tag editors.
For free it isn't bad, but I think I will stick to HBlogger for now.